Got A Traffic Ticket?

Caught Speeding On Radar?  

Our Lawyers Win 80% Or Your Money Back!*

TOP 5 Reason Why You Should Choose California Traffic Tickets:

  • Money: You end up saving $$$ by using our traffic ticket legal services which are usually priced LOWER than your California traffic ticket fine(s)!  We will likely completely win your ticket which means you will NOT have to pay a fine, court fees, traffic school fees & insurance hikes!   Our fully licensed lawyers specialize in traffic ticket law and can help you fight & win all types of California traffic tickets including speeding tickets with radar and red light camera tickets with an 80%+ success rate!
  • Point(s): Prevent point accumulation on your driver’s license.  When we fight & win your California traffic ticket, you end up with no points on your license with the DMV.   This will help prevent future license suspensions.
  • Insurance: You will save a LOT of money on insurance premiums skyrocketing once your ticket is dismissed which means your car insurance company will NEVER see this ticket!  Did you know that insurance premiums in California increase on average $250/conviction/year for the next 3-5 years!  You end up paying approx. $750-$1250 in additional insurance premiums if you just plead guilty and pay one traffic ticket in California.
  • Time: We save you time as there will be no need for you to attend court, take time off work, or attend traffic school!
  • Refund: We Win or $ Back!*  We are proud to be one of the 1st and only traffic ticket companies in California to offer a refund if we can’t fully dismiss or reduce your ticket!*


  • You Lose: Paying a traffic ticket is the same as pleading guilty to the offence.  This means you AUTOMATICALLY lose!
    This will result in point accumulation, insurance hikes, and possible license suspension if you accumulate 4 points.  We can handle ALL California Traffic Tickets and offer a refund policy if we can’t dismiss or reduce your charge.
  • Insurance Premiums: Your car insurance can skyrocket if you just pay your traffic tickets.  We have seen insurance rates double or triple for some clients who just paid their traffic ticket fines. Even a small speeding ticket in California can raise your car insurance rates and the insurance companies will see the points on your driver’s license when it comes time for renewal by checking your driving record.
  • Points: Paying a moving violation fine automatically causes points to appear on your driver’s license through the DMV. The DMV (And Insurance Companies) can see points on your license for 3 years as well as any points you have in any of the other states in the entire US.
  • Money:  Paying a California traffic ticket costs you money in several ways.  You automatically lose $ paying the fine amount which you don’t have to pay if we dismiss your ticket!  You also lose money on insurance premium hikes due to point accumulation.  Another way you lose money is by paying for traffic school and possibly taking time off work to attend classes.
  • Time: You will waste time & $ by having to attend driving classes if you don’t want to accumulate points.  If we dismiss your ticket, there will be no fines to pay, no classes to attend, no work days/hours missed.  You save time by allowing us to handle your California traffic ticket.

*Please note that we can ONLY handle California traffic tickets.  We do NOT handle parking tickets.  Also, the Guaranteed Refund policy covers refundable service fees.    Please note that California Traffic Tickets does NOT guarantee results, but rather guarantees a refund of service fees only.  There are no refunds for Misdemeanor charges and California DUI cases.