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California Speeding Tickets

Do You Have A California Speeding Ticket?  Even if the officer used radar, our firm can win over 80% of the time using our proven legal defense strategies without you having to come to court!  We Win or It’s Free!*   So Don’t Even Think Of Paying That Fine And Pleading Guilty!  Our speeding ticket fees are lower than the speeding ticket fines so you save $, prevent point accumulation, prevent insurance hikes, plus don’t waste time going to traffic school or court!

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One of the most common types of California traffic tickets issued by officers are CA speeding tickets under the Statute 22350. California Airplane Speeding Tickets The California Highway Patrol is currently making extensive use of airplanes to spot speeders from the air. The Nevada border is being watched for vehicles speeding from LA to Las Vegas. If a speeder is seen from the airplane a CHP officer on the ground is notified and issues you a speeding ticket. However, it’s important to ask and determine how your speed was measured. The officer in the plane can not measure your speed from the air otherwise this may be against the speed trap law and a full dismissal is very likely. It would be important for an officer on the ground to clock your speed using a laser or radar device. California Traffic School It you have received a simple speeding ticket it is possible for you to take traffic school once every eighteen months to dismiss the ticket. However, most people don’t want to bother with the hassle and time of taking traffic school and choose to retain our services to fight and win the ticket. It take a total of 2 mins to fill out our forms and fax them back to us and we take care of everything without you having to waste anymore time and effort on your speeding ticket. It’s also important that if you do wish to take traffic school, you should get approval from the court BEFORE taking the couse since not all counties accept online traffic school. California Speeding Tickets for CDL Drivers After September 20th, 2005 truck drivers who receive traffic tickets and speeding ticket can NO LONGER take traffic school. CDL drivers who receive two serious traffic ticket violations within 3 years can have their license suspended. Some of these serious traffic ticket offence include speeding over 15 mph over the limit, following too closely and improper lane changes. Another important note to make for CDL drivers is that traffic violations carry 1.5 times the normal point count. This means that a 2 point ticket would result in a 3 point ticket for CDL drivers. Many of our clients are CDL drivers and it’s important that all traffic tickets are fought and won as losing a traffic ticket case for CDL drivers affects their livelihood. We take CDL traffic tickets very seriously and will do everything in our legal power to dismiss traffic ticket issued to our large CDL clientele. Another important note to make is that California is a part of the compact court system for all 50 states. Because California is a part of the Nonresident Violators compact system, any traffic ticket or speeding ticket you receive in other states will transfer onto your California driver’s license.