Traffic School

Why Waste Time & Money On Traffic School? Did you know that even if you take traffic schol, insurance companies may still be able to see a “Confidential Conviction” on your California DMV Report and charge you higher car insurance premiums as a results of this? The lawyers at California Traffic Tickets can completely win your traffic ticket with an 80%+ success rate with NO Traffic School & No Court Appearance required by you! We Win or It’s Free!* That’s right, if we can’t win your California traffic ticket, it’s free.  Plus, you will still have the option to take traffic school which is only allowable once every 18 months for non-commercial drivers. When our lawyers dismiss your ticket, it will be like it NEVER happened which means that your DMV report will stay completely clean, plus our fees will likely be LOWER than the fine & traffic school amount which means you end up saving money!

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VC 41501 – Traffic School may be used no more than once every 18 months. Taking traffic school will eliminate the point from showing on your driving record which will prevent insurance hikes. If you have received a California traffic ticket and would like to sign up for traffic school call 800 203 6606 to sign up today. Please Note: Commercial drivers with a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) are NOT eligible to take traffic school unless you received the ticket while driving your personal vehicle after January 1st, 2013.